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Since establishment in 2010, C/MEO has endeavoured to build its own signature aesthetic through inspired use of directional prints, premium fabrics and strong silhouettes.

Apart, each piece created is wearable innovation; together, a formidable collection of sartorial strength, always championing beauty and form through directional design.
C/MEO's consistent innovation and boundary pushing cements their position as an authority in the Australian and global fashion scene.
A C/MEO woman interprets the garments in her own way, which is an empowering motive for the design team to consistently strive for new heights.

The C/MEO girl is culturally engaged and ahead of the pack.  You'll find her at the latest exhibition or opening of a new bar you'd never heard of until now.
She is a risk taker but not reckless when it comes to fashion. Empowered by her choices, she is a leader and a source of inspiration for her friends.
Her style is authentic and always true to her tastes; she knows what she likes, what she wants and how to make it her own. 

Each of C/MEO’s eleven yearly collections hinges from a central theme, which inspires the fundamental prints, shapes and fabric. Therefore, each C/MEO range can be seen as a capsule collection, where one range can stand independently from the others. Together, they form a formidable collage of wearable innovation. In this respect, C/MEO are truly innovative, as the process behind their creation runs deeper than just clean lines and following trends.

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